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Hamburger menu for WordPress

Minimalistic menu

What is a hamburger navigation menu?

The hamburger menu has become a staple of modern web design. It’s the three-lined icon you see in the corner of most websites that, when clicked, reveals a hidden navigation menu. The burger menu was first popularized by mobile apps, where screen space is at a premium. However, it quickly became adopted in web design as well, as designers sought to simplify their layouts and create a cleaner look.
Wordpress Mega menu
Standard menu
Left sidebar menu
Left sidebar menu
One page menu for Wordpress Presset
One page menu
Icon Menu
Right icon menu
WordPress Center Logo in Header Presset
Centered logo menu
Hamburger menu WordPress Plugin
Minimalist menu
Icon Wordpress menu
Left icon menu
Worpress menu with topbar
Standard menu with topbar
Right Sidebar Menu
Right sidebar menu
Mobile Mega Menu Plugin for Wordpress
Mobile menu
Sticky Menu With Topbar Transparent
Sticky with topbar
Sticky menu preset in Groovy mega menu plugin for Wordpress
Sticky menu