DIVI Mega menu

WordPress plugin

Fully DIVI compatible plugin

The plugin is fully compatible with DIVI Theme, you can create various headers on your, build a mega menus from DIVI modules, organize dropdown menu, vertical, hamburger menu and so on. You can add a menu as a regular or fullwidth module.
Standard menu layout for Wordpress
Standard menu
Left sidebar menu
Left sidebar menu
One page menu for Wordpress Presset
One page menu
Icon Menu
Right icon menu
WordPress Center Logo in Header Presset
Centered logo menu
Minimalist menu
Icon Wordpress menu
Left icon menu
Worpress menu with topbar
Standard menu with topbar
Right Sidebar Menu
Right sidebar menu
Mobile Mega Menu Plugin for Wordpress
Mobile menu
Sticky Menu With Topbar Transparent
Sticky with topbar
Sticky menu preset in Groovy mega menu plugin for Wordpress
Sticky menu

How to create mega menu in DIVI Builder

This video tutorial are shows: How to install menu plugin, How to add global header, How to add header module, Customization, Sidebar menus, Fullwidth and Regular header modules, How to create and add mega menu blocks in Appearance > Menus

Compatible with all DIVI modules

Module is a block with some content for creating a web page layout that is added at the time of designing a web page layout. Creating a site page is a compilation of blocks one after another and / or one next to another.
  • Accordion Module
  • Call to Action Module
  • Audio Module
  • Side Bar Module
  • Switching module
  • Blog Module
  • Shop Module
  • Button Module
  • Card Module
  • Search module
  • Code Module
  • Comments Module
  • Bar Counter Module
  • Circle Counter Module
  • Counter Module Number
  • Countdown Counter Module
  • Posts Scroll Slider Module
  • Video Scroll Slider Module
  • Slide Module
  • Optin Email Module
  • Contact Form Module
  • Gallery Module
  • Image Module
  • Posts Navigation Module
  • Tabs Module
  • Person Module
  • Portfolio Module
  • Filterable Portfolio Module
  • Summary Module
  • Login module
  • Follow us on Social Networks
  • Separator Module
  • Tariff Table Module
  • Text module
  • Position Title Module
  • Testimonial Module
  • Video Module
  • Full Screen Map Module
  • FullWidth Code Module
  • FullWidth Posts Scroll Slider
  • Full Width Scrolling Slider
  • Full-width Image Module