Black or white website menu better?

When creating a website, one of the most important tasks is to create a functional and aesthetic menu. The color of the menu can have a significant impact on how the user perceives the site. One option is to use a black or white interface. But which one is better for your site?

A dark mode menu interface for the menu is a stylish choice that can help make your site look more modern and professional. It can also provide good contrast between the menu text and the background, which makes navigation easier for users.

On the other hand, a white website menu interface can create a more minimalist and clean look. This can be a good choice if you want your site to look simple and easy to navigate. Additionally, a white interface can help the menu blend in with the rest of the site, making it less obtrusive.

In terms of accessibility, both black and white interfaces can be used effectively. It is important to choose a color that provides sufficient contrast between the text and the background, regardless of whether it is black or white.

Ultimately, the choice between a black or white clean navigation for the menu will depend on the overall design and aesthetic of your website. If you want a more modern and professional look, a black interface may be the better choice. If you prefer a simpler and cleaner look, a white interface may be more appropriate.

Here are some examples of websites that use either a black or white interface for their menus:

  • Black interface:,,
  • White interface:,,

As you can see, both black and white interfaces can be used effectively for menus. It all depends on the overall design of the website and the message you want to convey.